Stanford Health Care: 2019

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Most recently, we were brought in by Stanford Health Care to help develop the opening events for the new Stanford Hospital. Our involvement with the project began at the end of 2017.

Our scope was to help develop and create a series of events surrounding the opening of the hospital – upon completion of construction and prior to Patient Day 1.

The goal was to fully engage the community, the faculty and staff, physicians, nurses and provide a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the benefits of the new hospital firsthand, and to have behind-the-scenes access to areas of the facility that would never be accessible to the public again, once ‘red-line’ was established.

The challenge was to provide a comprehensive program, coordinate with the various audiences (nearly 30 different groups), and provide a bespoke, relevant experience, with appropriate messaging and touchpoints for each audience group.

Our scope included the following:
  • Concept Development
  • Overarching Communications and Messaging
  • Content and Media Creation and Production for Several Various Media Pieces, including: Pre-interviews, Scripting, Filming + Post Production
  • Development of an Employee Engagement Program, including production of a 6-episode Sitcom series
  • Scenery Design / Fabrication / Implementation
  • Audio / Video / Lighting Design, Procurement, Implementation
  • Campaign Website / Microsite Design and Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Invitations and Registration including: Building a Custom Registration Platform, Invitation Design and Production, Onsite Registration + Badge Printing, Lanyards, etc.
  • Development of a Mobile Application for iOS and Android
  • Creation of a behind-the-scenes walking tour (and theater-style tour)
  • Catering Coordination and Management
  • Event Operations / Logistics, including Event Operations Staff, Brand Ambassadors, Tour Guides, etc.
  • Gift Design, Development, Procurement/Fabrication
  • Equipment Rentals, including: All Tents, Rental Furniture, Generators, HVAC Systems, etc.
  • City Permit Procurement, Coordinate and Management
  • Kiosk Design and Fabrication with Content Creation
  • Street Fair Design, Development, Management and Operations
  • Overall Project Coordination with Construction and Operations
  • Volunteer Training and Management
  • Parking Coordination and Management
  • Security Coordination and Management

Stanford Health Care Opening Events: Theater Tour

Stanford Health Care Opening Events: Donor Events – Prologue

Stanford Health Care Opening Events: Infinite Possibilities – Donor Edit

Stanford Health Care Opening Events: Donor Events – Prologue

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