About Us

Much more than an event company – we partner with healthcare brands and institutions to create experiences – building and enhancing deep lifelong relationships.

Our Mission

We’ve always been about “the story”. Our theatrical background has always driven us towards telling a compelling story that the audience…community…will connect with. Telling YOUR story. We’ve done it countless times for retail, hospitality, big business, small business. When we had the opportunity to be the driving team behind opening one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in history, we had jumped at the chance and challenge. We didn’t know how much it would affect us.

It is incredibly humbling and exciting to be part of any healthcare provider’s team to launch a new facility and message into a community. To be a part of something that will change and improve humanity at the most incredibly personal level. Our first hospital opening awoke a hunger in our team that we continue to try and satisfy. We strive to inspire and educate…to bring compassionate care and opportunity to community….to open the doors to healing.

Our History

CXFormula, LLC was formed in late 2016 by Jason Friedman and Andrew “Drew” Groelinger after a five-year hiatus due to a non-compete agreement in marketing and events, from selling our previous firm.

Prior to CXFormula, we ran one of the top experiential marketing and technology firms in the world, with a focus on helping brands, corporations and institutions create compelling, theatrical-like experiences for their teams and customers.

Our firm grew to over 1200 full-time staff and subcontractors with over 21 offices across the globe, servicing Fortune 100 – Fortune 1000 corporations, leading universities and health care institutions, and top entertainment brands in the world.

We sold the company in 2008, remained engaged through 2010 as CEO and COO respectively, before retiring from the business.

After our hiatus, we were approached by some former clients to help with marketing, client experience and live and virtual events and experiences, which is when we formed CXFormula.

Since 2017, we have worked with a small number of carefully curated clients that we feel we can help with their most important projects and with whom we have a mutual alignment and chemistry.

Our core team is comprised of approximately ten (10) full-time team members and a myriad of specialty subcontractors, we’ve had long-term relationships with for decades.

Under the leadership of Jason Friedman (CEO) and Drew Groelinger (COO), the team works on a variety of bespoke projects from employee engagement, media / content creation, marketing communications and experiential event creation, production and management.

To support the variety of projects we work on, we utilize a series of subcontracted experts, with whom we have had relationships with for nearly 20 years, both as employees of our previous firm, as well as previous subcontractors.

Our subcontractors also include local vendors for project specific needs, such as tents, various rentals, etc. We have a long-list of vendors we have experience with for many years, and are always updating our roster with vendors and partners our clients have experience with and would like to have be a part of our projects.

In addition to our core team members and subcontractors, we also work with and support our clients’ internal team members when applicable. For many of our clients, they have a pool of internal resources who become a part of the team, and in some cases, are managed by CXFormula (from a project perspective).

Our 4d process

We approach all of our projects with our unique process that has yielded proven, exponentially successful results for our clients. 


We ask questions. Lots of them. It is critical to hear from all stakeholders to understand the goals and objectives for your program, as well as to determine the non-negotiables.


We develop the core messaging pillars, formalize the budget breakdowns and determine how to allocate the budget for the various ideas we develop.


We take the big idea and design the entire experience. All of the touchpoints that will make your events a success. We look at everything from marketing and communications, event design, media, scenery, props, gifts and giveaways, volunteers, uniforms, music, audio / visual / lighting, catering, invitations – you name it.


We build, produce and deliver the experience. And results.

A Unique

When you’re looking for more than just an event company…

…and when you’re looking to create an experience for your community and for your team.

With extensive storytelling, brand building experience, and hospital opening experience, we are uniquely qualified to help.

And, with our business model, working with only a select few clients, you will have the attention of two principals, each with over 20 years experience, and a team of world-class experts that we bring to the table with us.

Lastly, we have deep, current and relevant experience with the nuance and complexity of opening hospital and health care facilities, and we can bring all of our knowledge and experience to the table for your benefit!

And we have a unique and slightly different approach…

Our methodology for all of our work is focused on using our background in theater to engage our audiences – to immerse them in the experience – so they can leave whatever world their in, and become engrossed in the experience.

First, we begin by understanding more about the specific audiences you are inviting to your events. Together we will explore the following questions to create a fresh, relevant and unmatched experience for your guests:

The Principals

Jason Friedman

CEO + Creative Director

Jason Friedman, founder and CEO of CXFormula, helps organizations build deep relationships with their customers and employees through the art and science of designing their “customer experience journey” – a step by step process for delighting customers turning them into raving fans for life.

Jason has increased his clients’ sales over 400%, raised over $6 Billion USD for endowments and propelled client loyalty, profits, referrals, team commitment and engagement using his proprietary CXFormula™ methodology. He was named Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the year for business services and made the Inc. 5000 list for three consecutive years.

His clients range from Fortune 100’s to solopreneurs in industries as diverse as retail (Foot Locker, Adidas, Nike), hospitality (W Hotels, Universal Studios, Disney, Burger King), financial services (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity), higher education (Stanford & Harvard Universities) and Online Services / Information Products.

In 2008, Jason sold his first company in the mid 8-figures. He has started and successfully exited 4 other businesses: medical diagnostics, automotive, spirits and a digital media software platform.

Jason’s passion for crafting exceptional customer experiences was born in entertainment, working as a lighting designer/director and roadie for Peter Gabriel, Rush & international Broadway tours of Jesus Christ Superstar, Fiddler on the Roof and La Mancha.

As an expert in experiential marketing, live events and brand activation, Jason works with clients via private consulting, small group workshops and online training programs.

Andrew "Drew" Groelinger

COO + Producer

Andrew “Drew” Groelinger works with companies large and small to optimize their operations and enhance their customer experience and create systems that work flawlessly.

Using his blended background from theater, operations and creative development, Drew helps companies identify the critical paths within their operations and instructs on how to remove the roadblocks in the path from creating customer loyalty.

Through the years, Drew has owned several of his own businesses in a wide array of market verticals enabling him to uniquely understand the perceived challenges within various market segments. He has worked with companies of all sizes ranging from Universal Studios and Kennedy Space Center to local “mom and pop” retail facilities.

Drew’s journey started with a degree in Technical Theatre from Carnegie Mellon University, leading him to work on some of the most exciting attractions in Universal Studios, Disneyland and Disneyworld and casinos and theme parks globally.

He then went on to be the Chief Operating Officer of a major experiential marketing and technology firm that was successfully sold to a private equity group. From there, he owned multiple businesses in motorsports, logistics and asset tracking and management.

The diversity of Drew’s background allows him to understand the “audience experience” and the operational requirements needed to create and support that desired result.